KDE fedora 30 slow

Hi I just upgraded from KDE Fedora 29 to 30, but I find the system to be very slow, on boot but more on opening application, also simple one like Firefox.
I will like to have some suggestion if is possible to speed it up.
I have Ryzen 2700x, 32gb Ram, 1tb ssd nvme.

Salut Saulos,

recently i updates also from F29 to F30 with my ole desktop runing i7-4770 and a business-amd graphic card connected to 2*4k screens. It s still running with the same speed. Maybe you publish us your graphic card.


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Hi groovyman,
is a saphire Radeon 570

Did you check if something is bottlenecking your system, like full RAM, 100% CPU or a writing/reading task in your harddrive?

Thanks , no CPU is close to 0%.
I’m not familiar with this XFS partition , can I do some sort of checkdisk on it ?

I don’t know, maybe someone with more experience: running fstrim periodically could be beneficial?