Writing Fedora Workstation 39 . . . Is taking forever


I am using Fedora Media Writer to write to USB, but it has been doing this for about 2 hours. The progress bar doesn’t show any progress. Is this normal?

No, it’s just copying cca 2GB (depending on your selection) to the flash drive. Try again, or try to use a different drive. Even with slow flash drives, it should take 10 minutes most. And you should see a progress bar.

I’ve found at times that downloading the images from Fedora can be slow. If you’re using the “Download automatically” option, you can try instead to download your ISO from https://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ and using Fedora Media Writer to write that ISO directly. In my experience, the torrents provide consistently faster downloads.

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I have also found that sometimes when doing the download at the same time as writing a slow download can cause the media writer to hang. Apparently with a broken connection to the source.

I always download the iso then use media writer to write the iso to the device.

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Not installed yet, but tried it out from the flash drive. I had so much trouble installing Ubuntu and Linux Mint on my machine, so very relieved I have a distro I can start exploring.