Wrapping up first month on Linux & Fedora 33 WorkStation - questions - please help!

Hi everyone, thanks for helping out so much thus far. All of the hierarchies, dependencies, types of relationships etc. are certainly starting to make more sense to me. Working back from the cloud poses it’s challenges ha! It’s fascinating to get a first hand look at such incredible work and I could feel that the air in the room was heavy with what we consider “big tech.” My hat is off to you all!

This would probably be a good time to apologize for barging into the ACTUAL Linux Fedora community so abruptly. I had just escaped the digital designer matrix of behavior flow development as well as a few Reddit groups that I should’ve have been in - I actually thought Fedora owned/was Reddit when I first jumped on (never used it before).

At any rate, before I jumped back on this thread today I was speaking with a couple folks at Amazon Web Services about their Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and I’m wondering if you could help me understand how your server(s) work and what I’d need in addition to their VPS?

The brand Amazon saves me a ton of breath when explaining things on the phone - and Fedora will as well soon enough! That said, i’ll be working with them in some way shape or form already - whereas Google, meh not so sure of that…

I’d also like to understand the Elementary (overlay?) UI that layers on top of Fedora. Does it take away or add on any functionality? Can you please help me understand how one would typically go about installing something like that vs. an Extension - which looks like one can do directly from sites like flatpak.org and alternativeto.net? Is there any other direction you could help point me in if I wanted to a.) make sure I was entirely HIPAA compliants (IoT?), wanted an eCommerce piece (is this where elementary comes in?) and layered on software for healthcare professionals to improve methods of communciation and process improvement? Please just let me know. Thanks so much!!