Wpa_supplicant version rollback to F31 for MacBook Air - report bug, wait for update?

I recently replaced the macOS catalina on a MacBook Air with Fedora 32.

I was able to get the Broadcom 4360 wireless adapter working with the broadcom-wl package. While it recognized the router, it would not connect. Some searching suggested the culprit was wpa_supplicant.

Rolling back via
sudo dnf downgrade --releasever=31 wpa_supplicant
worked and I was able to connect.

I disabled wpa_supplicant upgrades in dnf.conf. My questions are:

  1. Is this bug-report worthy?
    I could find no similar bug reports for F32, although this problem seems to have surface in the past.

  2. How can I get updated if/when this is repaired? My concern is if this is not addressed it could propagate forward to new releases and eventually render the machine unusable.


I’m new to the Fedora community

Hello Rob and welcome to the forum.

It most definitely is. If you have a bugzilla account, this link should save you some clicks.

Apple hardware is rather scarce in the community, so most of the testing is done by people who own such devices.

By filing a bug, you are automatically notified of any developments related to it.

It might also be worth contacting upstream.

Thank you @alexpl, your response is most helpful. I appreciate it.
I’ll follow up with a bug report.

I’ve seen that Mac conversions to Linux involve significantly more work; thankfully there’s a handful of people dedicated to making it possible and keeping hardware out of landfills.


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