Would you use this as your homepage?

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The Design team have been working to revamp start.fedoraproject.org which is the default homepage in a fresh Fedora Linux installation. We are super excited to show you the progress we have made so far.

Thanks to the amazing feedback we got from you, we have further improved the first mock-up:

  • Moved a bunch of things around.
  • Reduced unused space.
  • Added a search engine field that follows the default search engine in your browser settings.

Tell us what you think. Would you use this as your homepage now that it has a search engine field? How do you think we can further improve it?


In you are interested in seeing more, check out the draft on Figma.


What is the purpose/benefit of adding the search engine field ? To me that feels like it just duplicates what is already available in the browser URL bar. The browser URL bar is always available regardless of whether you’re on the home page and won’t scroll off the screen.

I like the immediate impression I get from viewing the first variation, it’s clean and simple. But I like the second for the ability to see the latest from the community blog, which I find has steadily gone further into obscurity over the years. I would like to see the blog and the magazine share equal frontage, both contribute to the community conversation.

I’m not sure I would. They have different audiences and I’m not sure most of the Community Blog content would be worth being on the default start page for every Fedora Linux installation.

Sure I see your point about unrelated content, but it is still the community.

I personally wouldn’t use this because I don’t like the privacy implications of loading external content and I use my feed reader for both feeds. Maybe I should make a post on Magazine about using feed readers since there appears to be none.

I’m not sure why someone would want to see solved issues though. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show unresolved issues as to encourage people to try to help if they have an idea about the subject?

It doesn’t seem like good advertising to have a line like “Bluetooth unstable on Fedora 33” on the Fedora homepage.

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Could we make some space for non English users?

start.fedoraproject.org may be a place to start with the fedora project, but it also is the first thing a user sees when opening its browser. And we don’t expect our users to be English speaking like we expect from contributors.


  • allow this UI to be translated
  • create an alternative tab, “Fedora in your language” referencing places where the user can see local content, write its language or reach local communities (we already have this http://fedoracommunity.org which obviously need some love and could be merged here)

The benefit would be if it is autofocused, but again - should it search the web or just Fedora resources?

I like this draft from How do you feel about the new design of start.fedoraproject.org page? - #8 by dafrito

If sections could be made collapsible, that would be convenient home page. And a link to source code in the bottom with credits.


The site looks great, IMHO, but I would not be able to use it if the search engine is hardwired to DuckDuckgo. DuckDuckGo is no good.

Cool…I think it would be nice if there was a search engine as well as it could be used as the main screen. It would be nice to have a section for non-English speakers and a display of that language as well. 감사합니다.!!

I’m not sure most of the Community Blog content would be worth being on the default start page for every Fedora Linux installation

While I agree that community blog content is not exactly fitting for the user, I think it is important to keep it visible as a teaser. As a reminder that every user can become a contributor and it is as easy as just start reading this Community Blog article.

I would suggest maybe make it look different than the fedora magazine articles and not use as much space, but I think it would be nice to keep it somehow on the screen for people to be hooked.

I think that’s fine tbh. It’s better to tell our audience that there’s a place they can get help with issues at than omit these (which may give them the impression that there aren’t any). The experience of thinking it’s a perfect system and then running into issues is much worse than already knowing that there may be rough edges but they can easily be solved by speaking to a helpful community.

(I don’t have much experience with marketing though. So maybe there are established ways of doing this better)


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  1. It should be noted that while most of the posts made at Ask Fedora can be termed as issues - a fraction of them cannot be and hence aggregating those under “Latest Solved Issues” does not sound right. Instead, providing a quick link to Ask Fedora might be helpful as a constant reminder that if there are issues with the operating system - there is someplace that they can seek assistance from.

  2. Sorting the user documentation according to the order of requirements can be helpful. Like for instance, documentation from a more recent version of Fedora would come up at the top - followed by more general topics on documentation. The likeliness of someone clicking on the Fedora IoT link from the start page is definitely not zero but very less in numbers.

  3. Excerpts from the most recent articles from Fedora Magazine and Fedora Commblog are awesome ideas. These links can lead folks to interesting places and I suggest sneaking in a “Wanna write for the magazine/commblog?” link somewhere so general folks would feel empowered to be not just an audience to such articles but to be an author as well.

  4. One could of course ask for location access on the start page and fetch date/time and weather information. The welcome string could be personalized a bit more if we have a way to access their username (like say “Welcome, @t0xic0der” or something but using client-side JavaScript). These ideas are of course not very new but that doesn’t mean that we would not want to try them.

  5. When I see the inbuilt DuckDuckGo search bar - it reminds me of the DuckDuckGo bangs (Quick question @ankursinha, are they still a thing at least for Fedora?). Using DuckDuckGo bangs and documenting how one can use them can incentivize the presence of the search bar over there like a lot - while speeding up the process of users looking up for information.

What do you folks say? :smiley:

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+1! :slight_smile:

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I could get behind this. Perhaps titles only with no featured image or snippet like we do for Magazine articles.

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Yep. I still use a few. Try these:

!fedora or !fedorawiki to search the wiki.
!kojipkg to search Koji for a package.
!fedpack to search the Fedora packages app.
!fedoramagazine to search the Fedora Magazine.
!askfedora to search Ask Fedora.
!copr to search COPR.
!rhbz to search Redhat Bugzilla.

There are a few others too, we may need to check if they’re all up todate:

I see the Ask Fedora bang needs to be updated. I’ll contact DDG.


“Here be dragons” overlay for those who still need a moment to dream about a perfect system. )