How do you feel about the new design of page? is the default homepage on a fresh Fedora installation, it is the first thing that users sees when they open Firefox.
We’ve been working to revamp the design of the page and here is the resulting mock-up

How do you feel about the new design? What things can we improve upon?
If you have any feedback, comments, thoughts…etc, please share :slight_smile:


Awesome! I like the overall direction. A few comments:

  • The top has a lot of empty space
  • We probably want to keep the “A Red Hat-Sponsored Community Project” prominently displayed
  • I suggest removing the “Start” or coming up with different text. But I don’t think it adds anything
  • It might be good to add “from Ask Fedora” or something under “Latest Solved Issues”
  • I like the fewer & larger Magazine articles
  • Should we add the latest Community Blog articles under Magazine? I’m not sure how I feel about that myself.

First, It looks fantastic

  • On bottom or right side, I would like to see “respin” URL as well for “updated ISO(s)”
  • Link to Pagure
  • Link to “fedora apps”
  • Community blogs post +1
  • Maybe pointing “Fedora join” in special place on top right or somewhere suitable
  • Bring back “fedora planet” as well :slight_smile: (An oldies but goodies)

I know that’s all come to my mind at the moment

Thank you :slight_smile:


I agree about too much empty space at the top. Mostly I will just move on to the next page I am going to without scrolling down, so more important info and commonly used links needs to be visible in the top part of the page.
I also think the “Start” is a bit unnecessary and does add a lot of blank space to the top.
The design elements look good to me.


I just noticed it’s using a draft version of the new logo… so that needs updating!


Let’s not do that. We don’t have any way to moderate the content on Fedora Planet and sometimes inappropriate content ends up in there.


I loved it! My comments:

  • The logo and “Start”: I think without the title will exist more blank space. Maybe using the logo with “Fedora” text in the top left corner, smaller, aligned with the other items on top and left will fit better, and since it will take up less space, the blue vertical space can be reduced, feeling less “blank”.

  • Title “Latest news from Fedora Magazine” under the articles. But this maybe will not fit very well.



I think this is a good improvement in look and feel, but it still seems a bit dry on content. The “Start” could be “Welcome to Fedora.” This is the first page basically any Fedora user is gonna see when they first install, so I think they should get the sense it’s a living, breathing community. The current mockup seems closer to a blog, which is not bad, but why not show some of Fedora’s guts at the same time, and also help out some of us poor devs who can’t keep close track of where everything is actually happening? :wink:

I drew a mockup just to show what I mean in terms of additional sections and their rough layout.

I also added the user banner in the thought that the user could additionally tweak what is shown here based on their needs/preferences. Finally, we could parse the User Agent for “Linux” for anonymous users and make gentle tweaks to the UI based on whether we think they have Fedora yet or not.


Definitely a cool mock-up :ok_hand:

Only two pieces of feedback that can be improved:

  • I’d tweak the size of the menu items at the top right of the page to balance it out a bit more.
  • Perhaps change the title of the page. “Start” seems a bit too simple? (Even if it is functional.)

Awesome work from the design team so far. Looking forward to seeing how the design evolves.


Great! Thanks…! I’ll be there ~

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I agree, it looks very attractive.

From the perspective of a new user (lets pretend I unboxed a new Lenovo with Fedora Linux preinstalled) I would say:

  • Title maybe “Fedora Linux, project news at a glance” (as there is a lot of empty space i probably would put it beside the new logo)

  • Header Menu: Help Forums > Sub link to “Ask Fedora” & to the landing page of “Lenovo, Fedora/Linux OS” help, and a fourth menu item who links to a Landing page who explains more about the Fedora Project.

  • The section title look good as they are, maybe adding a link and add alt/hover text who enplanes the link target.

As a new user I was missing an overview about the Project it self. helped me to see that Fedora Linux is not just a one man/woman show.

I’m just not sure, if is really the right presentation, specially thinking of people with screen readers etc.


I love it, especially the Solved issues column from ask Fedora, could be useful for when suddenly a bug pops up its head in fedora-land and there’s already a solution.


I don’t see any changes when clicking the link, it looks pretty much like before.

Changes have not been implemented yet, take a look at the attached mock-up (image) that is the new design

I am not sure of what is the communication guidelines that fedora wants to push, but You can use bigger horizontal sections and like the arrangement of the sections and background collors applying them to Dafrito’s sketch/arrangement content structure.

I am of the idea that It helps to provide a consistent look and feel on all the communication platforms.
Also, loose the rounded corners on the images. They feel outdated, not state of the art as we want to pass Fedora’s image.

Let me be honest here, it looks like a Drupal theme from 2008.

Also, for consistency sake, shouldn’t it wait for what comes out of Website refresh next steps!

I don’t think this needs to be blocked on that, because that’s going to take a while. We can always revisit the theming and related choices to more closely match.

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