How do you feel about the new design of page?

I think this is a good improvement in look and feel, but it still seems a bit dry on content. The “Start” could be “Welcome to Fedora.” This is the first page basically any Fedora user is gonna see when they first install, so I think they should get the sense it’s a living, breathing community. The current mockup seems closer to a blog, which is not bad, but why not show some of Fedora’s guts at the same time, and also help out some of us poor devs who can’t keep close track of where everything is actually happening? :wink:

I drew a mockup just to show what I mean in terms of additional sections and their rough layout.

I also added the user banner in the thought that the user could additionally tweak what is shown here based on their needs/preferences. Finally, we could parse the User Agent for “Linux” for anonymous users and make gentle tweaks to the UI based on whether we think they have Fedora yet or not.