Would you guys say this video on how to create a Windows 11 VM in Virt-manager is still up to date?

Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/i-OHcENVMG0

An example of where i’m sceptical is in Michael Horn’s latest video on virt-manager he just checked a box to enable 3D-acceleration while Trafotin in this video install an entire program to enable it.

Does this one help you?

Not really, I was just wondering if that video I linked is still up to date and if I can use it for when i’m gonna create a Windows 11 VM myself

Asking for video review is not likely to get a response.
Documenatation is usually a lot easy to use then a video for this sort of task.
It is hard to cut-n-paste example commands out of a video.

Looks all right to me, as far as Virtmagager is concerned. He did explain in detail about the 3D acceleration and how you need to search and find the proper windows driver to support that.

Don’t forget that there are always more than one way to do it.

Nice, I was a bit sceptical since it was from 2022 but that’s good to know. Thanks!

This may be relevant as windows may want to add dbx data to the firmware.