Workstation or CoreOs for my desktop

last question please forgive i limit post for today
Which one ill choice ; CoreOS or Workstation

I’ll use in daily drive such as coding (Vscode, VisualStudio, Android Studio)

Which one should i use and why?

Definitely Workstation.

IIUC CoreOS is an immutable version and and is not intended for the average inexperienced user. Workstation is intended for those who just wish to install it and move on with mostly gui access and controls.

If you wanted to install a different kernel that is not really easy (or maybe not even possible) with CoreOS. You could modify workstation in any way you choose.


okaay copy, thankyou for this comment

Wouldn’t Silverblue be the immutable version of Fedora Workstation?

I think both silverblue and kinoite are the immutable spins, Silverblue with gnome and Kinoite with KDE. CoreOS and IoT are also immutable if I understand correctly.

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As CoreOS is the immutable version of Fedora Server, and it (FCOS) has a definite release cadence and stream which differs from Fedora project. Kinoite is the immutable KDE Spin of Workstation …

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thankyou guys