What is immutable desktop versions ? can i use kde in fedora

what is immutable desktop versions?? can i use the kde officially in fedora!

The various immutable spins operate by mounting your primary partitions as read-only with package changes coming as transactions similar to git commits which you must reboot into to use (called a “deployment”).

If you have further interest in them, there are a number of videos on YouTube as well as manuals for Silverblue, Kionite & Sericea.

Yes, there is the official KDE spin

which is best for as a developer you recommend opensuse or fedora

Distro choice is mostly irrelevant, it’s the same Linux underneath. Asking here people will say Fedora, asking OpenSUSE people they’ll say SUSE.

thanks man.

With fedora the Kinoite version is immutable and uses kde.