Fedora 'Spins' - What does "Immutable" mean?

I am installing Fedora on a new laptop. But the stick I used failed the test so I am making a new installer on another USB drive.

I then noticed SilverBlue and loads more “spins” here: Getting Started :: Fedora Docs

They all say “immutable”, but I don’t understand what that means in the context of an OS. Could someone please explain? I wondered about trying some of the spins to try different DE’s but not sure why someone would use these and concerned it may be more technical, I am no dev. thanks

Here is a video that explains what an Immutable OS is :

The spins are different desktop DE like “KDE, XFCE, LXQT, Sway etc” so if you do not want the standard Gnome desktop with workstation, then one of these might suit you well.



You will not be able to change/write files in the part of the Immutable file system. You can read it but you will not be able to change. When you want to update you change the whole image of the OS. The config files and personal data will be mounted to a part where you can write.
If your OS has a problem you just can swap back to the older Image.

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Thanks both of you. That’s interesting. I have tried Fedora Workstation on a few machines and generally like how it works. I tend to want something as close to Mac OSX (in terms of looks and functions, without the telemetry and bloatware BS :D) to make my transition a bit more “comfortable” generally. So without a desire for a different DE I don’t see much benefit, although I can see some benefits in not being able to screw the OS up (perhaps a big deal for me!)

On the other hand, due to my choice of a Lenovo Yoga 7 (16ARP8), I suspect I may have to do some edits to make everything work properly. Most does, but the sound is AWFUL as it comes with Dolby Atmos hardware, i may actually end up having to sell this machine but it’s so nice in other ways I intend to give it a good crack.

Not sure what the use cases would be for someone to want an ‘immutable’ OS, but that’s my ignorance, I am sure there are many!

Every day is a school day! Thanks