Silverblue and Immutable Desktops | Fedora Podcast 30

How do you build a robust workstation? How can you tie in containerized desktop applications into rpm-ostree? That is the realm of the Fedora SilverBlue spin!

The Fedora Podcast features interviews and talks with the people who make the Fedora community awesome! These folks work on new technologies found in Fedora, produce the distro itself, or help put Fedora into the hands of users. There is so much going on in Fedora that it takes a whole podcast series!

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Fedora Atomic Desktop SIG

Misconceptions About Immutable Distributions

00:00 Stream start
00:10 Welcome
02:21 Introductions
05:10 What’s the goal of immutability?
11:45 Misunderstanding of immutability
21:35 What do we call this?
31:00 Universal Blue
46:36 Atomic Desktop SIG
49:40 Closing thoughts


Thanks for having me on! Hey @itguyeric we should do some post show Q+A!


Love the content! Thank you for this podcast, it clarified so many things to me regarding Fedora’s Atomic family.

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This would definitely be the place to hold that conversation!

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Justin Garrison dropped this video today:

And I wanted to include it here because he’s talking about cloud infrastructure, but it’s also the same thing when you think about “the application” to be “your desktop”. Hope you enjoy!

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OK then, let me start with my question :wink:
As cloud technologies will help people in having their custom atomic OS installation, how could similar ease be achieved in transferring user’s data ? Let me give you an example: suppose, I already have my custom OS image in the github. When installing my new machine, I rebase the install to my repo and customization will be delivered while I make and drink my coffee. But I’d like my user data (files, app configs, app caches, etc) also to be transferred in similar seamless manner. What possibilities are there to simplify the transition of user data to new HW ? Yes, rsync, cp and friends will do the job, but could it be done easier ?

wow. that actually kinda made sense! :partying_face:
found some further interesting info. from Justin’s taloscon 2023 talk