Workstation fonts experience

I have found that best font experience for me is hinting ‘none’/antialiasing LCD in gnome-tweak-tools. That makes Gnome fonts (e.g. Nautilus) look very good. Firefox is another beast. What made me happy was setting Xft resources setting also to same values as in Gnome. I also set DPI of my monitor in Xresources. I also switched Firefox display backend to Cairo Unfortuntely sites like Facebook seems to ignore Linux so I had to disable allowing sites to change font (probably it could be set in FreeType config to subsitute Facebook font also)

How are yours experience with Linux desktop ?

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Great IMHO. Hinting is set to “slight” here … works for me.

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I’ve always wondered what would be optimal. I have:

Rendering = Subpixel smoothing (LCDs)
Smoothing = Subpixel (LCDs)
Hinting = Slight
Subpixel Order = RGB

Looks good to me. If they’re not set right, eg. no Subpixel smoothing, fonts can look awful.


I think this is what you are looking for - GitHub - silenc3r/fedora-better-fonts: Better looking fonts for Fedora

Personally I wish that this was all sorted upstream because the default fonts and settings are pretty ugly, especially if you are coming from the Mac world.


So far, the command to check your current settings hasn’t been mentioned:

xrdb -query

Wow. So what does a Mac UI look like? Any screenshots?
I am kinda liking my Fedora UI (eventually, you can tweak things to look the way you like)

I too prefer Fedora… but the stock fonts and their rendering are pretty ugly… once you use the fedora-better-fonts package I think Fedora looks as good as a Mac.
Fonts are a pretty key part of the experience when you look at a screen of text all day.

Are those (replacement) fonts open?

I did not look at all of them, but at least the Ubuntu font is not allowed in Fedora.

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