Wireless router setup for Netgear wndr3400V2

hello all, Okay to try and save money on internet I’m trying to configure my router. Now I reset and tried and said it wasnt safe and also no SSH support? How do I install and configure this by chance seeing that I dont have any windows computers around? This would be greatly appreciated. This will save me an additional $10 a month and believe me that helps tremendously.

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A quick look on the Netgear website shows that there is an app to config your device.
You can use an android or apple device.

How do I set up and install my NETGEAR router? | Answer | NETGEAR Support

Basic first steps are this, that when you have reset your router, rebooting your computer while using the netowork with dhcp (physical cable connecting on the LAN connectior). Now your computer should get a 192.168.1.x address.

With your local computer:
If you open the browser and put as your router has as default, it should open a config website.
Using your default username and password (see backside of your router) should allow you to log in.

Now you can change the the default username and password and go on with your configuration.
If you change the network range of your router, you just have to restart the computer, so that you get the address in the same range again. Otherwise you will not get connection.

sorry I should of added that I already attempted the genie app, but doesnt work, and I also tried that nighthawk app, but luckily before attempting warnings of problems with disconnecting internet services and possible fixes. I wasnt in the mood to attempt to get it working just to find out I have another problem. I’ll possibly try tomorrow its late now and we are winding down…