Windows Share Bookmark

Dual Boot System: Windows 10 and Fedora 36

In Fedora, I go to Files>Other Locations, drill down to a Windows share on a non-system drive. I select Add Bookmark and authenticate. Within the current session, everything works as expected.

However, after a restart, I get an error trying to access the same bookmark:


Appears the bookmark is not initialized after restart. What am I doing wrong?

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Appears I’ve stumble across the solution…

The share folder name (Downloads) is the same as a system folder name (Home/Downloads). I changed the bookmark to a unique name (Raven Downloads) and now the bookmark works as expected across restarts.

Odd that the system allowed me to initially create a bookmark with a duplicate name, but if I attempt to rename it back to a duplicate name, it prevents me (This name is already taken).

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