Username disappears in File app

During the reinstallation, I entered Fedora001 for Full name and fedora001 was automatically created as Username.
Before the reinstallation, File always displayed fedora001 next to Home. But after reinstallation, there is only Home as shown below:

And some backed up files could not be opened for they need to be restored in the same old folder such as Home/fedora001/Documents .

In Fedora or other distros, is it a must that Username must be located after Home ?
And how could I bring them back as it was in the past ?

That’s normal to not display the user name in GNOME Files in Fedora 34.
I’m afraid this behavior will be difficult to change.


In your text window behind the files window you see that you have fedora001@fedora ~ $ on the prompt line. That is normal and I have never seen anything other than home on the home tab of the file manager screen.


Maybe this is the misunderstanding; your home directory is always


In Gnome Files, “Home” shows the content of your home directory ‘/home/fedora001‘. For example, your “Documents” point to ‘/home/fedora001/Documents’

Also, have a look at your other screenshot below, Home didn’t show the username.