Docs on how to reinstall Fedora reusing home partition are missing

The default Fedora installation creates a separate home partition that technically allows the user to reinstall without losing their personal data. This is only true if the user is able to do so by themselves.

I am a technical Fedora user, although not a linux/distro developer, so I don’t know every technical bit. Some days ago, a Windows update botched my boot partition, and booting I was only getting the GRUB shell. I tried to find docs, blog posts or whatever to help me recover the boot partition, to no avail. Then I decided to reinstall Fedora, remembering that the default install made a distinct partition for /home.

I expected Fedora installer to recognize that there was a Fedora install in my hard drive and to reinstall the system without touching my personal files with a couple of clicks, but I suppose Windows botched it in a way that the installer could no longer recognize the installation. Then I tried to just reinstall but reusing my home partition, and after a long time searching, the only doc I could find was this internal QA procedure about checking that this procedure can be done. Why is this procedure documented, but a user cannot find it from user-facing documentation or even the docs that you can open from the Fedora installer?

Also, why the procedure requires you to check that you want to format your BTRFS partition but then it is not formatted and your data is preserved? I am sure there is a great technical story about why this is like this, but oh boy was this frustrating from a user perspective. Was I expected to know that I should “format” the BTRFS partition that contained my personal info?

Sorry if this is not the right place to talk about this issue, but I really don’t know what else can I do to raise awareness about this and to hopefully help the next person in my position.

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