Reinstalling Fedora

Since upgradeing to Fedora 34 has given me so much trouble I would like to reinstall
Or I may wait till 35
What dot files should I copy over?
Should it just be the dot files of the programs I install?
Or is there any other dot files I should copy over?

If you have a /home partition then a reinstall without formatting that area will handle almost everything. If you do not have a separate /home partition then backup your entire user home directory, do the reinstall, then restore the saved data.

A backup will always be the safest way to proceed. I have fumble-fingered myself more than once.

I’ve been upgrading since Fedora 24 so it is one partition on ext4 filesystem
But I don’t think I need all the dot files
For example I don’t think I need the .cache folder do I?
Also if I am going to reinstall I would like to clean up the home folder
I don’t want to go thought all the programs settings and set them to my liking