Windows 7 or Windows 10 for VM?

Hi, i am new to linux,
I was using windows for last 20 years

But recently i switched to linux (fedora)

Linux has 99% of apps that i can use for my work
But there are some programs, i needed for work
And its only available on windows
Like filmorax - video editor

So i had decided to set vm for windows

But which version should i use?
Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Which version will give fastest performance on vm?



IMHO You’ll get lot better experience on bare metal than a VM, cos you are loosing GPU acceleration and the full potential of your CPU. I suggest checking out some linux alternatives:

But as for the choice windows 10 or Windows 7. 7 has gone EOL, so I would go with 10.

Thanks Tom.


PCI passthrough via OVMF - ArchWiki



Was aware of this, just not too sure how many people have a ‘spare GPU’.

Thanks Tom.

Does gnome boxes support ovmf?

I know linux has great video editing apps

But my workflow requires filmorax

So vm is only option i have, since i do not want to dual boot

However i am considering using macos instead of windows for my virtual machine


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Sort of? libvirtd supports ovmf. However, gnome boxes doesn’t let you choose that, it has almost no settings at all, it makes all the decisions for you.

I would just try gnome boxes and see if it works for you. It is simplistic to the point where you learn more or less everything about it in the first few minutes.


That’s what I would recommend, but I must say that Windows 10 is much slower, especially at startup.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I don’t know Windows enough to find a workaround to reduce the lagging.


I’ve only found this to be true on a hdd, on ssd it seems to be fine and that’s on bare metal, I don’t think it will be an issue in a VM.

Thanks Tom.


Win 10 of course, win7 is end-of-life.


You are right, vm is not good idea

I tried bottles app to run windows program

And it worked

Linux is great, just love it

Tom, many thanks for this tip! It helped a lot.

Anybody interested in moving a Boxes image to a different location might find this issue useful. Besides the Boxes help page dedicated to move/backup images.

GNOME Boxes > VM > Properties > System > Edit XML

sudo dnf install libvirt-client
virsh list
virsh shutdown VM
virsh edit VM
virsh start VM