Will silver blue switch to systemd-sysupdate

Should silverblue switch to systemd-sysupdate

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May as well just call systemd an OS already :stuck_out_tongue:

But systemd-sysupdate seems similar to how Android A/B works which is kind of cool. Maybe it could be helpful for running mainline Linux on such devices!

Just because a concept is similar, you cant assume this will fix the non-compatibility with mainline linux XD this is about drivers and more.

And also this may look similar (as A/B root is a simple but effective immutable OS update mechanims) but work very differently under the hood

I think the direction is going to be slowly replace rpm-ostree with the dnf alternative combined with bootc. I don’t know where systemd-sysupdate would fit into that, but it may. AFAIK it isn’t a package installer but more a system updating manager.

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Hey, I’m a new Silverblue user. I’ve generally enjoyed the experience, and one of the things I liked a lot was rpm-ostree. I think dnf is complicated, but I’ve found rpm-ostree to be simple and fast. Though, it would be nice to be able to query installed packages with rpm-ostree instead of rpm -qa (like with dnf repoquery --installed), but aside from that, no complaints.

I’m curious what “the dnf alternative” is and what bootc is about.

The gist of it as I understand is … build OCI/Docker container images and deploy that. The abilities of rpm-ostree will be eventually replaced by or integrated into dnf for the benefit of having only one package manager across all versions of Fedora. Bootc can boot OCI/Docker container images. For some time though, rpm-ostree will be the way to do things on Fedora Atomic, even after dnf is part of the base image (say F41) and forward since it is the familiar way, if you try to use it to layer a package it will tell you to use rpm-ostree.

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Cool! I can see the sense in using a single package manager for every distribution. I’ve come to like dnf more the more I get used to it.

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