Two questions before switching from workstation to silverblue

Hello everyone! I use fedora since a very long time and in my opinion is the perfect distro. Now I’m falling in love with the idea of silverblue but before making the switch I have a couple of questions.
The first one is: since root partition is read-only, will I be able to set a limit to battery charge like this
echo 60 | sudo tee /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_end_threshold ?
The second question is a bit more technical. When I update the system with rpm-ostree upgrade it creates a new image of the system to boot from, but doesn’t it reaquire a lot more writes than an tipical distro? (I’m concern about ssd life)

Virtual file systems like /sys aren’t read-only; only /usr is.

Upgrading with rpm-ostree doesn’t really create a new image. It downloads files it doesn’t have into content-addressable storage and uses hardlinks to make the filesystem. I don’t think this should affect SSD life.

Great! I didn’t knew. I was a bit concern about it since I use my laptop in AC mode really often.

I thought was something like that but I wanted to be sure.
Thanks you’ve been really helpful. This evening I’ll backup my project and install fedora silverblue. I really can’t wait to have it on my pc.

I was wondering the same. Good to see some positive answers.

Silverblue is great. You won’t regret it :wink: