Two questions before switching from workstation to silverblue

Hello everyone! I use fedora since a very long time and in my opinion is the perfect distro. Now I’m falling in love with the idea of silverblue but before making the switch I have a couple of questions.
The first one is: since root partition is read-only, will I be able to set a limit to battery charge like this
echo 60 | sudo tee /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_control_end_threshold ?
The second question is a bit more technical. When I update the system with rpm-ostree upgrade it creates a new image of the system to boot from, but doesn’t it reaquire a lot more writes than an tipical distro? (I’m concern about ssd life)

Virtual file systems like /sys aren’t read-only; only /usr is.

Upgrading with rpm-ostree doesn’t really create a new image. It downloads files it doesn’t have into content-addressable storage and uses hardlinks to make the filesystem. I don’t think this should affect SSD life.

Great! I didn’t knew. I was a bit concern about it since I use my laptop in AC mode really often.

I thought was something like that but I wanted to be sure.
Thanks you’ve been really helpful. This evening I’ll backup my project and install fedora silverblue. I really can’t wait to have it on my pc.

I was wondering the same. Good to see some positive answers.

Silverblue is great. You won’t regret it :wink:

In order not to open a new thread, I will do some queries here.

I am still in the process of investigating if I choose to use Silverblue or stay in the classic Workstation version. However, things like battery life are important, and additional things like Lenovo/Thinkpad “conservation mode” that allows you to assign max/min load values while the laptop is connected to the AC power. I saw a lot of information that is well supported using TLP or loading a few kernel modules manually, but if there is another way that works in Silverblue that would be great.

I also noticed that since GNOME started using power-profiles-daemon, there are conflicts when using tlp service and most of the time the tlp service pauses and the power-profiles-daemon values go back to the default (balanced(, I don’t know if anyone else has had that issue…

Silverblue uses the exact same RPM packages as Workstation so anything that works or does not work there will be the same on Silverblue.

I expect installing stuff from the TLP RPM repos still won’t work due to:

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I understand the logic, but it is wrong since it is not a 1:1 comparable, there are additional things to consider such as the immutability of the base system and unresolved consequences; Eg support for DKMS, but I appreciate your response.

Sorry, I had missed that TLP is using akmod which is indeed not really well supported right now. But it is possible to work around that by building the modules inside a container and then loading them on the host. Some pointers in GitHub - kmods-via-containers/kmods-via-containers

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