Wifi not working after using proton vpn

The titles really says it all. I used proton VPN and when I disconnected my wifi stopped working. (It works on other devices)

What I have tried:
Deleting all vpn in network settings (worked for a bit but my stupid self ran proton again and now there is nothing there + wifi dosent work)
Changing dns address to and
systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Thank you in advance!

Type “nmcli con” and delete pvpn-ipv6leak-protection and, if there, pvpn-routed-killswitch using “nmcli con delete”.
This is not a Fedora problem, but a Proton problem leaving persistent connections in NetworkManager if the app is not closed properly. If you have a paid account, please report.


Thank you! This worked. Sadly I do not have a premium proton account, but at least now people who are lost like i was can stumble on this thread hopefully.

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