Wifi connected but internet isnt access

I am currently using fedora silverblue after booted wifi is connected but wifi internet isnt access in my pc. But with bluetooth tethering i can access the internet from my phone.

Could be DNS lookup. In your web browser, can you go to

Bro its started to work for few sec and got same problem after a min

Try googling “common problems with wifi”. Wi-Fi can be such a headache sometimes. If your computer is sitting next to your Wi-Fi router, may be best to just use a cable.

I’m not IT expert, but as far as I know, if your wifi is connected only means that your pc is “talking” with the access point (often same device of the router in home network). You should verify your wifi internet connection (i.e. with a smartphone).
Then check your pc (maybe booting from Windows if you can).
If all these are working, then should be a problem with Fedora…