No internet connectivity in Silverblue unless I activate Mullvad

Whenever connected to my university dorm’s wifi, I can’t access the Internet unless I turn my VPN (Mullvad) on.

The system is running a fresh copy of Silverblue. I haven’t actually updated it yet even, and I had to install Mullvad to post this, so it’s not an issue with the VPN messing with the wifi.

It also seems to be a problem specific to the university wifi because my phone’s hotspot works fine.

I suspect that it is a DNS issue, but if it is, then I’m not sure how to solve it. I’ve tried setting my own DNS in the settings, and that didn’t work. If it is, then I’m out of my depth when it comes to diagnosing it.

I am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to fedora @deluxe-cube

To debug DNS issues you can use
resolvectl this will show you the used DNS.

I think a good idea would also bee to talk with the university’s IT department to find out what the default procedure and data is to connect to the Internet. A lot of institutions use a Proxy server to connect to the internet.

This would be good if you could do this now with your VPN on.

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Sorry for the extremely late reply, but I thought that I should at least end the discussion to the best of my ability.

The situation was that I was not on-campus for a few days after I made this post, and when I went back, I learned that they revamped the network setup while I was gone.

Fortunately, this means I now have internet again, but it does mean I can’t troubleshoot the issue anymore.

If memory serves, resolvectl returned that I was using a DNS set up by the uni, and I do believe that we have/had some proxy server as well. But for some reason, it just refused to serve anything to Silverblue/Fedora until I turned on Mullvad. This wasn’t the case with other distros either.