Widevine under Silverblue

I don’t know why, but it seems Widevine prevents streaming of DRM content under Silverblue (29 and 30/Rawhide). This is a showstopper for a good Desktop experience for most. Neither Amazon Prime, Netflix nor Spotify work.
Am I missing something or are we dependent on Widevine to change their library?

Hmm, Netflix and Spotify both worked for me. This is on Firefox, right? Make sure you have the Widevine plugin installed (check in about:plugins).

The Widevine plugin is installed and activated. Any idea how to go further?

Firefox native or Flatpak? Do other browsers / formats work? E.g. Firefox Flatpak, Chromium native, etc.

I tried Chromium native and Firefox native.

Edit: “native” = from the stock repository, right?

Flatpak Firefox nightly from firefox-flatpak.mojefedora.cz works. So no Widevine problem but a problem with non-free codecs?

Do you have compat-ffmpeg28 layered?