Why are my temperatures for thinkpad_hwmon temp 5 & 6 showing 111c & 121c?

I have a Thinkpad L380 running Fedora Workstation and I applied thermal paste to it but my temperature when I put in the charger for thinkpad_hwmon temp 5 & 6 shows 121c and then 11c when it’s not charging, it has dropped to the 70c’s when not charging. The battery overall health is 85%. And the CPU temps are normal so I’m not sure what’s causing this.

My processor is: Intel® Core™ i5-8250U

I’m not sure is it could be my NVME SSD that I recently put in it that’s a Samsung 980 EVO, I didn’t put thermal pads on the SSD.

Is this normal or no? I’m confused.

Thanks in advance.

Where you think temp sensors 5 and 6 are located?

None of the hwmon sensors seems to give a plausible result. I would ignore them or try to remove from the list.

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Hello, thanks for replying.

Locations for the sensors 5 & 6 are:




I think its the physical location inside the laptop that is being asked for.
It may well be that those inputs to the sensors chip are not use on your device.

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I was thinking the same, but no where on my laptop does it feel like it’s over 100c. It feels like the normal warmth of a laptop.

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