KDE Plasma increasing heat output?

i’ve been running GNOME on Fedora since i got my laptop last year, and i’m on Fedora 39 right now. i have a Framework laptop with a 12th gen Intel i5-1240P. i don’t do anything resource intensive on my laptop, just web browsing and some SQL studying and very limited data manipulation and stuff - no video or photo editing or gaming or anything like that.
anyway, i know there’s gonna be a little heat being put off, but since i’ve switched to KDE, it seems that there’s more heat being put out. the bottom of the laptop feels noticeably warmer. no, i haven’t yet checked to see what’s running and what kinda power things are using, but mostly because i’m not running anything different than i did with GNOME. i’ll check into those things, i was just curious if there could be something about KDE that might be using more power, perhaps.

just to add on, i just checked my power usage and my CPU is barely being used. i’ve been web browsing and using thunderbird and signal for a couple hours, but again, nothing intensive. i’m not restricting the airflow in any way, as i’m using the laptop in a position that i normally use it.

it’s not super hot, just weird that it seems to be running hotter and it doesn’t appear that a lot of resources are being used :thinking:

Just guessing at what is happening is not productive.

Please install lm_sensors then run sensors-detect to configure it.
Once that is done then the sensors command will provide details with actual temperature values for consideration.

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that’s a pretty awesome tool - thank you for that :slight_smile: and according to it, everything seems to be ok, heatwise :thinking: unless i’m misreading something.

maybe nothing’s changed and i just happened to notice it now. or maybe there’s something happening to cause the fans to spin up more? maybe that’s what’s happening, and not that things were running hotter?

Your highest temp is 47.
Mine runs at about 60 so yours has no problem with heat.

yeah i was actually surprised by that. could it be that KDE might be just doing something to make the fans exhaust more heat? i mean it looks like it’s not really a problem, but i’m just wondering if something is using more battery. idk, i guess everything’s doing what’s supposed to be done, so no damage done.
thanks again :pray: appreciate the assistance