Horrible performance with KDE Plasma on laptop

Hi, I have KDE Plasma installed as my main OS on my HP ZBook Firefly 14 G8. Just started with Linux this week so I’m new

The battery survives for an hour at maximum, where it’d last several on windows.

Everything feels a bit laggy and less smooth in general, and videos on youtube feel like they’re playing on about 6-7 frames per second.

The laptop became a whole lot louder (and hotter) as well.

I had a look at the CPU usage, and it seemed to be jumping from 30% to somewhere between 40-60% every second or so. I got a tip to try autocpufreq, but testing it with the --live option froze my system after 3 minutes of having it on, so I had to manually power off and restart. As for the video problem, I tried installing multimedia codecs from the fedora docs, though I couldn’t notice a change at all.

Any ideas on what to do? Did I miss something obvious maybe? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @donflamin ,
Welcome to :fedora: !
Power Profiles Daemon is used to manage power on Fedora. I had to use tuned in my case because PPD actually thought my custom built desktop was a laptop and continuously put it into power save mode. The MoBo is wireless as well as connect by copper so I am guessing this was the issue. Anyway try to see documentation about PPD to check the options available to you … powerprofilesctl is the cli command for it.