Which one is the most popular chinese input on Fedora?

I am using ibus-libpinyin for a low while, but seems there are random latency while switching chinese and english by pressing “Ctrl”+“Shift” now.

I wondering which one is the most popular one or any recommendation for this. Thanks

Personally I can only make Chinese input work on Gnome. Not even on Plasma. I have a lot to learn and study in this area.

My next target is to enter Chinese under Sway.

It seems there is no one common frame work works on all of them out of the box.

I use Cangjie mainly.

Thanks, you are correct, there is no one common/best tool in this topic. I am keep using Intelligent Pinyin as default input method on my Fedora, it supports both pinyin and english and and easy to switch at least.


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For what it’s worth, I’ve had trouble with ibus, if not using Gnome, for a few years now. I use Japanese, not Chinese, but at any rate, I’ve had good luck with fcitx for several years now.