Switch fedora default Chinese input over to Rime

Rime is just better upkept than the Intelligent Pinyin Input from the default option. The default intelligent pinyin input is quite outdate at 2012, but the RIME project is well upkept upstream.

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ibus-rime is already packaged for Fedora. You can easily install it.

If your intention is to propose it as default input method for Chinese, file a Change proposal with Fesco:



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Added workstation-wg and removed chinese-simplified, input-method

It’s probably not a good idea to just file a Change proposal without involving @tagoh , @pwu and / or tfujiwara, the folks who maintain all the CJK input stuff.

I think libpinyin and ibus-libpinyin are still in development.

Can you elaborate more what is the real problem on ibus-libpinyin and how ibus-rime resolves?
The last update of ibus-rime looks like 3 years ago. On the other hand, ibus-libpinyin seems 2 weeks ago though.

My apologies if I am not too technically well equipped here. The main problem that I have with ibus-libpinyin is that it’s prediction just does not seem accurate enough to be fluent. ibus-rime seems to be more accurate with it’s pinyin predictions, at least in Chinese pinyin keyboard. The core RIME engine is updates pretty frequently, maybe ibus-rime has not caught up to it yet. There is still some kinks to workout with rime at this stage, especially with the settings part.

Sorry, I think “Intelligent Pinyin” is for Simplified Chinese, but ibus-rime is for Traditional Chinese.

It does provide the option to switch to simplified chinese, but the default is indeed traditional chinese.

How to configure ibus-rime for Simplified Chinese?