Which AMD-GPU for HTPC

Hi, I am planning on switching to AMD graphics card for my HTPC. I am really getting annoyed with my current Nvidia GT 710. SInce I moved to Linux, this has been PITA.

Which AMD card would you recommend just to watch HD and 4K movies/streaming and that would also support audio passthrough (TrueHD, Atmos, DTSx etc) for Kodi.


Hey GT 710 is extremely old card and very cheap nearly less than even $60 so providing a recommendation is not hard if you give range that you want card at like $300 to $400 or more than that also.

I do agree GT 710 is very cheap. But the problems I have to go through every update on driver update or OS it self is annoying.

There must be a cheaper range than sub $300 to $400. How about this?


Right now buying a card with ddr3 is not recommended and there are more efficient architecture like rdna from amd
Rx 6600xt is nice card if you can afford due to chip shortage prices are quite high.

Here some other example see this

I’ve had really good luck with my rx5600. It’s relatively affordable and plenty powerful for a HTPC.