Which graphics card for 4k Monitor

I’m not sure where to go with this question, so please close or move it, if not suitable.

Currently I’m slowly switching to Fedora. Laptop is already Fedora only and a second computer is running Fedora as well.
Currently I’m writing this on a 4K screen and full-HD resolution because my graphics card does not support 4k.

Are there any hardware recommendation for “just surfing” with 4K resolution? No gaming or anything special.

Currently my graphics card is a NVIDIA QUAD 2000 (GF106GL) and the CPU is a i7-2600K.

Thanks a lot for your help/recommendations.

In order to use 4k resolution it must be supported both by the GPU and the monitor. If either of those will not support 4k then you are out of luck as far as using 4k.

It us up to you to search for a gpu to support 4k. Most of the newer ones will do so. On the laptop it is very difficult to get better hardware without purchasing a newer laptop.

I think one of the limitations involved is the older cpu (I7-2600K was released in very early 2011) which can also impact graphics performance.

Thank you @computersavvy for your answer.

It’s only for the computer. My Laptop is an very old x220.
I know that my setup is a bit outdated but updating it with current AMD CPU and stuff would cost too much currently.

Are there any graphics cards to avoid or are all the current ones running with Linux/Fedora without any hustle?

I don’t use the amd cards, but the nvidia cards 2050 and newer should be fine for 4k as long as you are comfortable using the nvidia drivers installed from the rpmfusion repo. I think the 16XX cards also will do 4k, but I am not sure of that.

Shop around and you should be able to find the cards at a reasonable price.

I find that 4k resolution is great with a very large monitor, but text is too tiny to be easily readable for me on a monitor that is less than 40". Other graphics is OK on the smaller monitors. YMMV

If you have a tight budget you should go with amd cards 6000 or 7000 cards are very good.

My Intel® Arc™ A750 Graphics (DG2) works really well 100Hz with the PHL346B1C (1440p 21:9 wide screen). Disclaimer - I do NOT game.

Thanks for your answers and recommendations.

I bought a “cheap” MSI GT730 with 2 GB of DDR3. Currently it works as it should. Since I won’t game, but only use it for getting used to Fedora and Linux this is totally fine for me.