Does Fedora still support legacy radeon hd cards?

just asking
a card like hd 7570
is this cards still working on Fedora 36
and does it well support Wayland :3

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Yes, ATI Radeon GPU (mine is a Radeon4650 HD) legacy cards works well under Fedora 36, also under Wayland. Install F36 and see it.


thats good to hear
also btw Do I need to install the proprietary driver or it will be just fine with the default open source option
i have a nvidia gt 440 and I’m struggling right now so I was thinking of switching to an amd equivalent one
thannksss :>

there is an open-source driver for nvidia cards, called nouveau, which will work fine for standard desktop usage. One caveat is that it the card will operate at base clock.
So, all good for desktop computing, maybe not enough for gaming.

If you want to make use of the full feature set of your card, you likely need the nvidia driver from

if you switch to an AMD card (there are opensource drivers included in Fedora), you circumvent all the trouble of installing and updating the proprietary nvidia driver.

just fyi, Fedora hardware support is defined by the kernel, and the kernel support a whole lot of ancient hardware like floppy disks.

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well my gt 440 doesnt work well with nouveau and that is the problem :C
Some problems occur in Wayland and much lower performance on Xorg
and the worse is that even proprietary nvidia drivers will stop supporting new kernel modules for 390 drivers by the end of 2022
which is what makes me move to nouveau a couple of months ago
and all of that makes me thinking to convert to an amd card which might be way better option
And given that the supply issue in the graphics cards market Here did not over yet and its prices here are inflated by 3x and 4x
I think i’ll just go for a low card to serve the purpose
thanks for ur help btw :>

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Going to an AMD GPU is a good decision if your NVidia GPU is old and at the end you will not have issues with NVidia proprietary graphics driver. I am a lucky man, because my very old Nvidia GT 130M GPU works fine with noveau under F36 (not for gaming!). But that is not always possible for everybody. Windows 10 supports my legacy NVidia GPU. Have a good time with Fedora. :grinning:

HD7770 here, working fine under F36 Wayland.

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