Where do I find the netinstall image?

For me, the best install image by far is the netinstall. Main reason for that is that I have a ready to go, up-to-date Fedora right after installation, while minimizing the amount of data to download. In fact, it’s the fastest install from 0 to up-to-date Fedora.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find the netinstall image on getfedora.org, and moreover, it is marketed as a Server install. That can be confusing.

Where do I find the Everything Netinstall that can be used to install Fedora with any desktop environment, and with a partition configuration for workstations?

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The easiest is to use the following link and have Mirror Manager present you a download link in your area/region:



At the bottom of https://getfedora.org/ you can find ALT DOWNLOADS that leads to https://alt.fedoraproject.org/
Here in Alternative Downloads, you can find the Everything download link.


I must have missed that (more than once).

Maybe I submit a PR to rename that image download. “Everything” is misleading, it’s not mentioning that it’s a netinstall image.

also, the “experts only” is certainly not true. The installer is just the same as the regular workstation install (only you download the most recent packages and you can select package groups).

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