Where are the Fedora ARM images for RPi4?

In the docs Fedora on Raspberry Pi :: Fedora Docs it says to get the image from https://arm.fedoraproject.org/.

But that URL just redirects to https://fedoraproject.org/.

What I specifically want to download is the Fedora Minimal image for 38.

Where is the image?

Can you docs be fixed for others that try to follow them please?

On the new website, go to

  • Get Fedora on top right menu
  • For ARM® aarch64 systems
  • Raw

The direct URL is here

I submitted a change request for the link.

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Additional images here, https://alt.fedoraproject.org/alt/

Thanks that is exactly what I am after.

I my use case server is not apropiate.

A link to Fedora Alternate Architectures is also important to have so that people can find images like Minimal.

Could you also add that link?

Description updated to cover general downloads (Workstation or Server).

Fedora ALT Downloads is underneath the home page.

We can also link to the alt downloads from the server/workstation downloads page. Maybe that’d make more sense than sending people off to these obscure subdomains directly

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I agree with the idea to link the alt from download page.

But, issue ticket for the Minimal image for ARM says the new download page is under Spin.


On the topic of alt downloads, the ARM workstation download is listed as 2.8GB, but the download is 3.8GB.

Issue ticket opened here. Please track it yourself as I’m on holiday until 7 July.

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Please note that the live iso image is <2 GB while the raw image is ~3.8 GB.
One consists of the compressed (rpm) packages ready to install while the other is an image of the full file system as installed then compressed.

@navras referring to the difference between the size of ARM workstation displayed and the one pulled for download.

Alternate architecture download is here.

That is a discrepancy.

The regular download page which I normally use does not show the sizes.