Download link invalid for F37 ARM beta?

I’m trying to install Fedora on a Raspberry Pi 4 of mine, and I just found out that F36 isn’t supported there but F37 is. I figured with it being released next week I might as well give it a try to see how its doing and report any issues I find. However when trying to download the ARM image I just get an “error: invalid path” from the download links here:

Fedora Workstation gives me this link to download from:

Was the download for these deleted for some reason, or is the download link on that page just wrong? I’m not sure where else to check and get this from.

The rpi4 is a 64-bit device, so you want the aarch64 images. The armhfp ones were 32-bit, which is no longer a fedora-supported port.

Try the ones here Fedora Alternate Architectures Prerelease Images
or here:
Test Results:Fedora 38 Branched 20230222.n.0 Summary - Fedora Project Wiki

Those are release candidate images, at this point it’s better to use them instead of beta ones.

Ah, thank you! Downloading it now.

Perhaps the documentation here should be updated to reflect that it should be aarch64 instead of ARM? Fedora on Raspberry Pi :: Fedora Docs

Note that F37 has been delayed until approx Nov 15 for release. Just notified of that with fedora magazine post.

That’s because of some yet to be disclosed OpenSSL vulnerability, most probably in that regard RC 1.4 images are no worse then 37 beta, 36 final or live-respins.

Even today on official release, I’ve been unable to download the ARM aarch64 Minimal image. I’m getting a 403 Forbidden in response. I presume the mirrors aren’t updated, yet.

Website issues should be reported here:
This link still works and has final (1.7) images: