Fedora 31 on Rasperry PI 4 will it work?

I downloaded fedora31 aarch64 image. Before burning it to a SD card i just looked at its contents and noticed in the config.txt a seperate boot command for the Raspberry Pi 4. However it appears this binairy for the pi 4 is missing.
And before i’m making the sd-card useless I liked to know whether this image will work on my pi4?

The Raspberry Pi 4 is currently not supported.


Thank for the fast response. Strange to hear it is unsupported as it is stated in the /boot/config.txt . So I hoped it would work. Will stick to Rasbian for the moment. Fedora 31 is running happily at my Mac PowerBook Pro, so I was hoping to merge into a single environment. Pi has 4Gb ram, so it would have been nice. If you need a tester you know where to find me…
Erik Ulijn.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Erik Ulijn.

Hey @eulijn, testers are always welcome.
You could subscribe to the Fedora ARM mailing list and keep an eye on updates. Full RPi 4 support will probably arrive early next year.