Fedora wont boot on Rasberry Pi 4

Hello, I have installed the Fedora Server ARM Image from the arm.fedoraproject.org website, and I was following the article: Fedora on Rasberry Pi 4.
Below is a picture from my phone of the boot order. After

@ 36.324857] cam-dummy-reg: disabling
@ 411.876888] random: crng init done
@ 411.882281] random: 1 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting

I’ve tried re flashing the arm image, using a different server arm image, and checked that my pi is receiving the proper amount of amperage, I tried not resizing the root partition, ive tried barely resizing the root partition and fully resizing it to take up all 32 gigs of my microsd card. Cannot seem to figure it out. lmk of any suggestions please :')