Raspberry PI 4b on Fedora 32 workstation is there a howto?

The PC we have has just bugged up due to the i915 issues so graphics freeze and the system is unstable. I brought a raspberry PI 4b 4G as a stopgap to the PC but I hear one cannot install / boot simply onto that architecture and no solution seems to be on the horizon.
Is there anyone out there with experience on installing and running this setup ?
What are the known issues / workarounds ?
Thanks for your help.

Not quite sure but the last thing I heard was that Raspberry Pi 4 is not yet supported by Fedora ARM.

I’d go with Manjaro .,

keep an answer simple:




I don’t have any link right now, but I read some people was able to boot Fedora on the RPi4 with some little hack. However yes, RPi4 is not a supported platform right now.

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In the Fedora ARM mailing list you can find some update on the status of the Fedora support for the RPi4.

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