Would Fedora i3 work for the Raspberry Pi 4b since ARM doesn't support it?

I was reading on Fedora ARM wiki and it states that the Raspberry Pi 4 isn’t officially support. I have the 4 model b and want to run an edition of Fedora without any issues due to incompatibility issues related to it not being supported. Are there any recommendations for which edition would be best?

I don’t want to use any Manjaro ARM editions because I’m tired of Manjaro period as their kernel updates messed up one of my computers a few times and they have had some issues that I reported and their staff took offence. And I’d rather run something other than Debian based distros to stay a bit up to date with packages.


We do not (as of 24 November 2021) officially support the Raspberry Pi 4 in any Fedora release. There has been a bunch of work done upstream to support lower level hardware, and as a headless device it generally works fine. In order to ensure a positive user experience, it will remain unsupported until a minimum viable amount of hardware works correctly (storage, USB, accelerated display, network) in the upstream kernel. This does not mean it may not work for your specific use case.

If I were you I’d just go ahead and give it a shot, worst case scenario you drop anything else on it :yum:

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Try Pop_OS, I have been hearing good things!

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Did you see this?
Howto/RaspberryPi - RPM Fusion

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I don’t like pop os

Thanks. This method should work. I’ll try it out. I have the recommended Pi 4 specs for the workstation flavor.