Broken Link - Unable to download Fedora 37 ARM server minimal

Can’t download Fedora 37 ARM server minimal. Can anyone fix it?

this is the link address

I think the arm stuff has always been under alt, not spins. Is this the link you are looking for?

It looks like the problem is that that first link was for the 32bit version. But that is no longer being produced: Issue #1170: arm.fp.o has no deliverables for F37+ - fedora-websites -

The file size is supposed to be 412MB raw image but when download it’s a 1.2 gb.
There’s something wrong going on…

Did your browser decompress the file on download? I’ve seen them do that.

no, it say so on the “verify” page, it’s a 1.2gb file

anyway , downloaded , try later see it works, thanks

I found an existing ticket about the broken download link for the minimal edition and added the info you provided.

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