How to clean install Fedora 30 via netinstall?

I am currently running Fedora 29 Workstation on x86_64 and want to do a clean install to Fedora 30.
I want to install via netinstall Image Media Type as described in Downloading Fedora
Not clear from the install guide how the user selects a Media Type.
Looking at download page, which download button is the netinstall Image? Is it the “64-bit network install image”?

Thank you.

wolfv seems it is your first post in the community, peace be upon those who follow guidance.

I already did netinstall with an old version and the link to image didn’t work in many tests but worked after successfully.

I suggest to use this for image link or change it based on the version you want.

Hi rtarik,

The “image” link you provided opens a page that says “The Fedora releases here are no longer supported”.

I don’t see that is true because f30 is a recent release maybe true for other versions.

I mention that link to use it while netinstall asks you for the image link during installation.

This link should be what your looking for

Yes. It is the Workstation edition netinstall.