Difference between netinst Server Vs Everything?

What are the differences between the netinst ISO of Server Vs Everything ?


What are their intended use cases?

From Downloading Fedora :: Fedora Docs

netinstall Image

    The netinstall image boots directly into the installation environment, and uses the online Fedora package repositories as the installation source. With a netinstall image, you can select a wide variety of packages to create a customized installation of Fedora.

    The Fedora Server netinstall image is a universal one, and can be used to install any Fedora Edition or your own set of favorite packages.

But there is no mention of the Everything image.


The Server netinst will by default give you Fedora Server Edition, with the file system layout configured with LVM and XFS instead of Btrfs, the Server firewall config, etc.

I agree that we should document this better.


feel free to comment: PR#90: explain netinstall image differences - fedora-docs/install-guide - Pagure.io