Fedora Workstation install difference between Workstation Live vs. Everything netinstall

At Changes/HiddenGrubMenu - Fedora Project Wiki you can read:

This new auto-hide functionality will be automatically enabled on new Fedora Workstation installs.

This is:

Is this difference expected behavior or a bug?

As far as I could find out:

  1. the difference is due to /var/run/anaconda/anaconda.conf (not part of ISO; gets created dynamically when Anaconda installer starts)
  2. some parts are provided by package anaconda-core (Anaconda - Fedora Project Wiki); in installed system it is “/etc/anaconda/product.d/fedora-workstation.conf”
  3. the full difference of /var/run/anaconda/anaconda.conf between Live and netinstall is:
$ diff Live netinstall
< type = LIVE_OS
> type = BOOT_ISO
< default_environment = workstation-product-environment
> default_environment = 
< menu_auto_hide = True
> menu_auto_hide = False
< custom_stylesheet = /usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps/workstation/fedora-workstation.css
> custom_stylesheet = 
< 	NetworkSpoke
< 	PasswordSpoke
< 	UserSpoke
< variant_name = Workstation Live
< [Base Product]
< product_name = Fedora
< variant_name = Workstation

Interesting findings!

Are there more differences between Live and Everything?

Even after sudo grub2-editenv - set menu_auto_hide=1 it felt like Workstation Live booted faster. On Everything install it waits on vendor logo for 5s and then vendor and Fedora logo for another 5s. When I first tried Live install it was a black screen for 5s then vendor & Fedora logo very briefly. Though I’m not sure if it’s comparable, as stuff was broken and chaotic. [1]
I guess I could always install Workstation Live to find out but I don’t want to wipe my install…

EDIT: If anything it’s not GRUB. menu_auto_hide means waiting 1s.

  elif [ "\${menu_auto_hide}" -a "\${menu_hide_ok}" = "1" ]; then
    set orig_timeout_style=\${timeout_style}
    set orig_timeout=\${timeout}
    if [ "\${fastboot}" = "1" ]; then
      # timeout_style=menu + timeout=0 avoids the countdown code keypress check
      set timeout_style=menu
      set timeout=0
      set timeout_style=hidden
      set timeout=1

  1. blackscreen, no 2nd display DP output, gnome-software auto update (might have fwupd’d behind my back), things suddenly started to work when booting to Everything installer ↩︎