Where can I find the list of software installed for the Everything/Netinstall ISO?

I want to know what software is installed when I pick a specific Base Environment and Additional software for Selected Environment.

I think it is possible to check this in the RHEL installation DVD:

The installation program does not show which packages are contained in the available environments. To see which packages are contained in a specific environment or add-on, see the repodata/*-comps-variant.architecture.xml file on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation DVD which you are using as the installation source.


I tried unzipping the netinstall ISO but I am unable to find this information in the unzipped contents.


In the closest Fedora mirror to mine I found this:


There is a <Bunch of random characters>-comps-Everything.x86_64.xml file inside. It contains the list of software for the different options in the netinstall ISO. There is a .xz zipped version in the mirror which has the same content as the unzipped one.

Could anyone confirm that this is the correct source of information?

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The package groups are defined in the comps files, and from what I know these are what are reflected in the everything/netinstall iso:


The files are quite large, so it may be better to clone the repo than to use the web ui for this one.

git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-comps.git
# and then use a text editor to view the file

The wiki page describing comps is here: