Need help creating local Fedora repository with select dnf groups

Hello all,
I’m trying to create a local install repository for Fedora Everything.
I’m aware that I can clone the entire releases and updates repository, but I want my local repository to contain only some select groups/environments (like “workstation-product-environment”) with the most up-to-date packages.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

You can get the rpms themselves with dnf groupinstall --downloadonly. From here you can use createrepo to setup your own repo with those rpms.


It seems like this only downloads packages that are missing on the host system, not every package required for a fresh install

One way to manage that might be to do an absolute minimal install (possibly in a VM) from the netinstall iso. Then use that OS to do the creation of the local repo for those groups.

Since it would not have the great majority of the packages already installed it seems that the groupinstall would then download almost everything (or at least everything that was needed beyond the minimal system that was already there)

Wouldn’t that mean there are still packages missing that are required for a full install?

Or you could do it from a Fedora 36 container in podman and just volume mount the directory where you want the RPMs to go. Hard to get more minimal than that.

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Hmm I’ll see if that works, thank you