Packages Info in Fedora Everything Netinst

Hi folks,

I am thinking of trying ‘Fedora Everything Netinst’ for custom install but can’t seems to find detailed information about available additional packages (on the right side of installer screen). Is there any page where the information about different options is available? e.g the option in KDE Multimedia or KDE Application does not give a clue which specific applications this option is going to install.

The clue is in the name “Everything”.

While each item may not give the fine details from the installer you can be assured that all the appropriate (and necessary) packages to support that chosen item will be included.

Although I do not know how, it seems likely someone may be able to suggest a means of getting the finer details for each option there.

Package groups are defined in fedora-comps.

For example, here is the KDE Applications group in F37.

If you have an existing Fedora system, you can also query it via dnf group commands:

$ dnf group list
$ dnf group info 'KDE Applications' # or dnf group info kde-apps