When booting into xmonad or xorg gnome, mouse and trackpad is lefthanded


Decided to try out Fedora and got everything set up, but i have a extremely frustrating issue. For some reason when starting Xorg my mouse/trackpad is set to left handed, also when hot plugging in usb mouse.

In xinput i can see that Left Handed is 0. If it set it to 1 it works just fine, but the mapping is still off, as the left click area is reaaally tiny. And whenever i add a mouse it’s left handed.

I’m not sure if it’s colliding with some wayland config from gnome, but i have no idea of where to look. I don’t get i need to set it left handed in order to be right handed. I have no configuration in my xmonad config that configures a mouse, and i have the same issue if i boot into gnome classic on x11.

Can you help me where to look, or what i need to do to debug this?