What level of access Google Chrome has on Fedora?

I’d have to install Chrome due to a web app (compatibility issues on Firefox and no support, Chromium apparently lacks a video codec) and I’m concerned of Google’s access to my data. Is the browser able to comb through local files and read open processes on Fedora, for instance?

I may research Fedora’s own sandboxing features, but there wouldn’t be necessarily any benefit if Chrome’s access is limited to my browsing session.

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There is also Chromium (CBP) on the RPM Fusion repository, which is ungoogled chromium, if you need a chromium based browser :slight_smile:


If you are apprehensive, I would use the Flatpak ungoogled-chromium.


I have been using Vivaldi for a long time and you can install chrome apps, whether you will be able to do so with the one that you require I cannot answer.