What is your best browser of choice and why?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to start a discussion about web browsers and find out which one you prefer to use as your go-to option. Nowadays, there are so many choices available, each with its own unique features and benefits. It can be quite overwhelming to decide which one suits our needs the best.

So, I’ll kick things off by sharing my favorite browser, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well!

For me it is firefox
Reason simple independent does not rely on big tech google. And does not collect a lot of info about browsing habits.so on and second best is brave as all patches are open source and outof the box have privacy and a good security block all tracking scripts so on just the crypto part which i don’t like much but that it ok as it is their business model.
Also they have some more technical stuff covered

What about guys.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Brave
  • Chrome
  • mullved browser
  • vivaldi
  • opera
  • edge
  • GNOME Web / Epiphany
  • librewolf or waterfox
  • Tor browser
  • Chromium /ungoogled chromium

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I use Firefox primarily.

For a few reasons:

  • It isn’t based on chromium and I would like to try to avoid a future where Google has even more control of the internet
  • With the proper settings applied, it can support a private browsing experience
  • Even though there are derivative browsers which apply privacy controls out of the box, I prefer to get my browser patches as soon as they are available instead of waiting for a downstream product to integrate them.


I primarily use Brave. Good privacy protections and cross platform.
Used Firefox for over 10 years but cookie consent pop-ups and other annoyances with it on iPhone and iPad made me leave it behind.

Primary = Opera-stable
Secondary = Chromium

This are going to be solved in 116 of firefox

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Yeah on desktop only afaik (?) the but then there’s uBlock that handles all that. iPhone/iPad is obviously not a priority for Mozilla so I’m not holding my breath this will be implemented there any time soon.

Iphone ipad uses webkit it is more gnome browser less firefox or brave

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Yes. Your point? Others have the ability to make a browser with those limitations that has the features I need while Mozilla does not. So I don’t use Firefox.

  • LibreWolf - better privacy
  • Firefox - backup option, works with everything
  • GNOME Web - I love tiny alternatives :slight_smile: and competition beyond “the first circle” (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Firefox, etc)
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Have anyone used mulved browser for privacy instead of libre wolf which is just firefox without telemetry enabled mulled have many features for privacy anf full arkenfox patched and many more it is just tor browser without tor onion network.

librewolf has many more changes than just telemetry disabled. There are many privacy enhancing settings applied by default.

Firefox + Edge
I primarily use Firefox for its ESNI and DoH features. Firefox improved the settings for DoH in version 114, but unfortunately, ESNI still needs to be manually enabled in about:config :frowning: As for Edge, I use it mainly due to the new Bing and for browsing some websites that do not support non-Chromium browsers.

Firefox for the following reasons:

  • Not made by data thirsty companies like google.
  • Not based on chromium (I like to help keep competition alive).
  • More customizable than chrome.
  • Will keep support for MV2 unlike chrome which will sooner or later drop it and weaken adblock.

I have chromium installed as fallback just in case a website is broken for Firefox only, and to be able to install PWA.

I like Firefox. My first choice. I had Mosaic on a Mac way back in history. 'Nuff said. But I need Chrome for Duolingo, 'cause they think Firefox can’t use my microphone. It can, but they’re ignorant. I still have to try them with MS Edge which I have on Fedora in virtual machine. :slight_smile:

I feel like I have a mess of browsers now for different reasons.

  • Work: Edge signed in to my company’s Azure AD so it syncs and allows me easily to access apps and handle the 2FA / Managed Client requirements
  • Personal - Fedora: Firefox with Firefox Sync so I can access all my Fedora related or Open Source work related items here.
  • Personal - Else: Safari (I am a macOS / iOS user by day just because my family is all in on iCloud / iMessage and lock in is a nightmare). But I can say Safari works best on my iPhone so I just accept it.

On my work Macbook and my iPhone, I have all three installed so I can jump between them easily too - but on my Fedora laptop, I just use Firefox.

I used to use Brave for Work/Personal but have been iffy because I had a bad time with Sync for a long time and I got convinced by Edge being really simple with my work things that the friction reduction was worth the switch.