What is the story around the podcast site?

Since a long time ago I have a subscription on https://podcast.fedoraproject.org/rss. Recently I noticed It can’t be retrieved any more because of SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP. I’m guessing this is because of the stricter requirements in recent Fedora releases. (I noticed it recently but I don’t know when it started. The podcast has been a bit sporadic :slight_smile:, so I didn’t think about the absense of any new episodes.)

Is this site considered dead, or is this something that should be fixed? In the latter case, is it an pagure infrasture ticket?

I think it’s at Return of the Fedora Podcast

Thanks, I obviously need to improve my searching skills!

Currently, the podcast website is down. The Wordpress site that lived there ended up with, we suspect, a broken plugin. We haven’t been able to get that issue resolved.

The other avenue we are pursuing is tying the feed into our podcast aggregator (Fireside), that however requires upgrading our subscription. We’re hoping to have a resolution soon.

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